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Working cooperatively with our partners

Taking care of our core carriers is important to us. That's why we've designed the "Core Carrier Partnership Program". By participating in our program the core carrier benefits from advance load notification, priority load selection, and the Quick-Pay program.

Reliable supply of freight

Reduced deadhead miles

Flexible Volumes

Lane Commitment for Carrier

Competitive market rates

Predetermined payment terms

Vendor relations/dispute resolution

Clean, palletized and easy freight

Access to our regular PFP's

Advance Load Notification

From our web site Core Carriers can access our Load Map, which provides live updates of all available loads. Loads are organized on a map by the freights origin. To select a load simply click its PRO number on screen to send an email or call the dispatch department.

Priority Load Selection

Admission to the Core Carrier program provides carriers with priority load access to lanes that match their transportation patterns. Core Carriers can obtain from TLC yearly volume commitments on pre-specified lanes.

Quick-Pay Program

Some carriers prefer to get paid immediately allowing them better control over their cash flow. For these carriers we offer the Quick-Pay Program. You collect on your invoices within 48 hours of submitting required paper work. See Quick-Pay Program application form for more details.

Core-Carrier Application Form

Minimize you empty miles and maximize your revenues by taking advantage of our Core Carrier Program. To enroll in this program, just fill out the Carrier Profile and fax it back to TLC at (450) 424-7008. The more information that you can provide us the more we can help you keep your trucks moving. To learn more about this program, call and ask to speak to John Chiasson at 888-827-8521

Quick-Pay Program

Take control of your cash flow by enrolling in TLC's Quick-Pay Program. It's just another benefit we provide to our partner carriers. To enroll in this program, just fill out the Quick-Pay Program Agreement letter and fax it back to TLC at (450) 424-7008. To learn more about this program, call and ask to speak to Lynda Gagnon at 888-827-8521